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Preschool Programs


In each of our classrooms, we focus on building emotional intelligence, creative thinking, curiosity, problem solving skills, independence, and mindfulness.  We create an environment for children to discover themselves, become part of a bigger community, and explore the world around them.  We augment our curriculum with Music, Yoga, Meditation, and Spanish classes. Visitors come during the year to share with us - We meet Firemen, Police Officers, The Tooth Fairy, and Animal Rescue Organizations, to name a few!  Compassion and sharing are experienced as we give back to the community by cooking for homeless shelters, growing gardens to donate vegetables to the food pantries, and create gifts to donate for random acts of kindness. 

Come in and explore, and join the family!

the two's

We have 2 groups of children each day, ranging from 16 months to 3 years.

Our 2's discover themselves and the world around them through experimenting with sensory activities, stories, games, crafts, outdoor exploration and play, and of course socializing with other children. 

We concentrate on language building, through art, games, and circle times.  We build small and gross motor skills during each of our activities.  Developing Dr. Gardner's nine multiple intelligence begins as we cater to your child's strengths, and help nurture them to develop and grow.

Our 'themes' of imaginative play, games, and art are focused on children getting to know themselves, and the immediate world around them. We use stories to reinforce the activities of the week.  We provide opportunities for free play where children have the choice to initiate and plan activities.  This builds independence and socialization skills.  We also offer teacher-directed activities and relevant projects and games, that scaffold your child through new skill-building.

the three's

Our three's program is a mixed age group of 3 and 4 year old children.  We do not require your child to be potty trained to begin this program.

Our focus for the 3's year is exploring family dynamics and group structures.  We incorporate themes of animal families, communities we live in, and our own families structures, traditions, and customs to grow our understanding of the world around us.

During the day, children have the opportunity to explore the conversations we have in circle time, our stories, author studies, and questions they posed, through imagination stations set up with open ended materials, as well as teacher directed activities to help build new skills and ideas.

We focus on small motor development, language building, and socialization during the morning free play and art activities.  Our gross motor development, mindfulness exercises, and emotional awareness are experienced in small group work while others are participating in center activities to build math, science, and phonics skills. 

Children also have ample time during the day for outdoor exploring and play. 

our k-ready

This program is intended for all 4 and 5 year old children heading off to Kindergarten the following year!  We run our classroom like an old-school Kindergarten class.  Your child will hone the skills they have been learning the previous years, as they take control of their learning environment and master self direction, independence and responsibility.

Our group explores the world around them - from the communities we all live in, the earth we live on, to the universe around us.  Culture, Art, Music, Food, Traditions, and Stories fuel our days as we explore our towns, outer space, and each continent.

We focus on building Emotional Intelligence alongside skill building in the academic areas of math, science, and phonics. 


Our goal is self-confident, independent children who have practiced compassion, problem-solving, and creative thinking while growing self-assured and comfortable telling a story, speaking to a group, voicing an opinion, and skilled at conflict resolution.  We learn to work both independently and as a part of a team.  

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