November Newsletter


November News!


We have been very busy at the beginning of this year getting to know each other and our new space. Thank You for understanding as we still unpack boxes and move rooms around while I am getting a feel for how this building best suits our needs!

This is our first newsletter – and I have planned that they come out at the beginning of each month to let your know our plans in each class. I will post this on the parent portal as well as email it to you. I will also put links to PDF versions of our songs and finger-plays for the month on the webpage so you can sing along as well!


Here are the highlights for this month:

  • Giggle Prints will be coming on November 14 to take children’s portraits. We have a morning and an afternoon session scheduled. All the information is in your cubbies.
  • We have the firemen and officer friendly visiting this month as we talk about our community, who helps us, and how we can help too.
  • We started music classes last month with Mr. Tom, this month we also have Yoga and Dance starting once a week from the teachers of the Conservatory of Dance in Wilton.


Our focus this month is on Giving Thanks. We talk about, meet, and read about all the people who help us in our communities. To give back to our community, we start cooking for a homeless drop in center each week.  We have started gratitude journals in the 3’s and 4’s, and talk about what makes us happy and how we made someone else happy each day in the 2’s.  Practicing our manners becomes a focus this month as we try to figure out what being THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE means to each of us!

We also talk about how long ago the people who lived here first helped the pilgrims plant, and build. The Pilgrims gave a big feast to celebrate and show their appreciation for the help.  We talk about everyone’s traditions today for their families, (by the way… everyone eats chicken or mac and cheese according to the children) and we cook with the “3 sisters” corn, squash, and beans. We will be making Butternut Squash soup Thursday November 20, Corn Bread on Friday November, 21, and Rice and Beans on Monday, November 24.  I have posted the recipes HERE for you!  Please let me know if your child cannot have any of the ingredients, and I will happily change recipes!


Thank you so very much for letting us be a part of your family. And as always, please let me know if you have any concerns or questions, I am happy to meet the needs of your family.


All my best,



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