This summer – come travel the world with us!
As we discover a new country each week, we will immerse ourselves in the music, art, food and traditions.  We will play, cook, create, sing, splash and get dirty – (very dirty) as we tour Italy, South Africa, Australia, China, Germany, Ireland/England, Mexico,  Spain, and the good old USA!  Each week we will stamp our passports and take off on a new adventure!
Please bring a nut-free lunch, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and change of clothes (diapers and wipes if needed).  We will spend time indoors and out creating artwork, reading stories, playing games, and cooking –  all related to the country of the week.
We offer 2, 3, 4, and 5 day options each week – and run for 10 weeks this summer!
To register, Fill out form, sign and return to CREATE – or – Call 203-762-6161 and we will register you over the phone.   The health forms can be brought in on your first day of camp.  We can take care of the payments by credit card, as well as a check.  We will set up payment plans at the time of registration!
Please call sharon @  203-762-6161

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!


2 days a week:    9-1  $90       9-4  $162       9-6  $210

3 days a week:    9-1  $135      9-4  $243      9-6  $315

4 days a week:    9-1  $180     9-4  $324      9-6  $420

5 days a week:    9-1  $225     9-4  $360      9-6  $450


camp forms                 health forms             sharon@203.762.6161