We have created an environment where children are given the necessary tools to build self-awareness and self-esteem – A place for children to deepen their respect for others and the environment and to think independently and creatively. We foster imagination, exploration, ingenuity and compassion to help children become active problem solvers and creative members of our community.

We believe children need a place to feel empowered, comfortable and safe to be ready to explore, investigate and experiment with their surroundings. It is our philosophy to design curriculum around children’s interests, change schedules to meet the group’s needs/wants and include children’s ideas in classroom planning.

Our goal is to help foster creative, independent, critical thinkers!


We offer creative preschool programs for children 19 months to 5 years

9am-1pm – Monday through Friday!


From 1 to 3:30 we offer an extended day option.  Puzzles, games, art workshop, and outdoor play round out your child’s afternoon.


Need to be at work earlier, or pick up later?  We are here and have extended hours for just those reasons!


Art, Sewing, Theater, Animation, Cooking, Languages – we have it all for your Kindergarteners through High School students who are looking for a creative outlet after school.  Hop on the bus and come to us!


Need a place to have a party?  We celebrate your child’s birthday in a creative way – let you child dream of their perfect day and we can make it happen!



We offer our programing Monday through Fridays, and you can design your own schedule depending upon availability.  Choose your days – from as few to as many as you wish!


We offer our morning programs 9-1, have extended day options and extra hours for working parents.  But, best of all… we don’t worry if you need to pick up a bit early or late, we are here!


We follow the Wilton Public School calendar closely, however to meet the needs of working parents, we offer drop in days.  Your family is welcome to join us for those school holidays when you really need a group play-date!  If we have your older children’s medical records on file, along with your child who attends our programs, we are good to go!


  The place that let’s you be a “fly on the wall”
We have a parent portal just for you!
We upload videos and pictures of your child’s day each week. You will find pdf’s of the songs, poems and recipes we have been playing with.  All the documents you need to sign, parent packets, and policies to review are here.  We also include a monthly newsletter so you know what to look forward to.  Oh, and it is password protected just for you!
It is the place to be when you can’t be in the class!


Wow, “home-run” was all I was thinking when I visited Create Learning Center. Miss Sharon and her dedicated staff are definitely proving why this is a unique place for young children to thrive. The classrooms and play space are exactly what any parent of a preschooler wants – welcoming, playful and comforting. My children have been part of Miss Sharon’s camps, art classes and preschool for 9 years. In every aspect of growing and learning, Miss Sharon offers exactly the right mix of introducing children to new ideas and practices while enhancing their personal growth. Art work made by young artists in Create Learning Center is like no other -- using a wide-ranging materials, your children will bring home beautiful creations! Her warmth is contagious and I am positive anyone who chooses Create Learning Center will be thrilled that this is where their child gets their start.
"Moving to a new town was a huge adjustment for our family especially with two small kids. The search for child care and a preschool was extremely difficult. We needed something affordable, flexible and a place the provided a creative learning environment. After several tours we could not find a place that suited two working parents. We came upon Miss Sharon after a friend's recommendation and the second we met Miss Sharon we knew her program was a perfect for for our family. Her program is warm, creative, supportive, and my children fell in love with her and her place instantly. They stayed in her program until they were ready for Kindergarten and still take her wonderful  After school  programs. Through her curriculum our children grew in confidence and knowledge. Miss Sharon and her staff embraced their natural curiosity and uncovered their creative minds and we are forever grateful for this. It was not easy to find a place to entrust our children but we truly found a gem."
We've been part of Miss Sharon's family for over four years.  Our oldest son (now entering 1st grade) started when he was 20 months old.  We have had a wonderful experience with Miss Sharon and her caring, loving staff.  As a parent there is no shortage of things you worry about.  But,when you drop your child off with Miss Sharon and her team, you do so knowing that they will be taken care of, nurtured, encouraged and given the tools to become the best they can be.  Our son went to kindergarten prepared in every way, which was a huge relief.  And, he asked to go back to Miss Sharon for after school art class because he enjoyed her and the programs so much! Our younger son has also attended school with Miss Sharon since he was almost 2 years old.  He is so excited to now be a part of Create Learning Center.  Whenever it is time to pick up and go home he says, "can I have two more minutes?".  To me that says it all!   Our children have been fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to academics; to learn how to be a good friend; to be exposed to nature (caring for baby chickens and ducks, bunnies, vegetable garden, etc.); to experience culture (foreign language classes, yoga, music, etc.); to know there is a world full of possibilities!  Our family has made so many many wonderful and long lasting friendships while attending school with Miss Sharon.  Our kids have been given the best start to their education.  We are so excited for this new endeavor. 
how do i describe the most perfect, inspirational, encouraging, creative, supportive and visionary teacher that walks the earth!!  ugh, well, here goes nothing…
we first met miss sharon over twelve years ago when my youngest daughter signed up for one of her “art" classes.  we quickly learned that miss sharon was far beyond an art teacher … she is the most inspiring, loving, encouraging, supportive teacher who encourages each child to explore the beauty of their individual mind.  she infuses her child directed curriculum with wonder and curiosity.  both my girls adored her and her classes, and they still adore her to this day (me too).
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